Dissecting paper towels

Parts of paper towels with straberries scattered all around the kitchen

Written by: Bina

A paper towel roll on the kitchen counter? I think I can reach it. Just a little bit more… Yes, finally I have it. Mmm, there are strawberries on it. Let’s see what I can do for the next few hours.

Hm, the strawberries don’t smell like strawberries and they don’t taste like strawberries. Ok, I get it. The strawberries are fake, not edible. My mistake. But anyway, I can still have some fun with it. For example, I can try to count the sheets. One, two, three, four, five… Oh no, I think I made a mistake. I’ll try again from the start.

Many attempts later…

No, not again, I forgot where I was. I hate these towels. I will not count them anymore, they’re not cooperating. Grrr… I hate them. I will tear them apart, they will see who they’re dealing with. There… So many pieces all around the kitchen. I’m satisfied and now I’m tired. I’ll sleep for a while and wait for my mum to come home.