How to cut a towel in half

yellow labrador Bina cutting a towel in half with her teeth

Written by: Bina

Have you ever tried to cut a towel in half? It probably isn’t such a great deal if you have a pair of scissors at hand. But what if you don’t and you have a fixed idea that you must cut a towel in half?

Well, use your teeth. The hardest part is to start, but it gets easier from there on. Little by little, bit by bit, I managed to cut the bathroom towel in two identical halves, only using my teeth. I cut the towel at exactly the right angle in a perfectly straight line without any instrument. I know, now I’m bragging. But I’m so proud of myself. My mum left me one bathroom towel and I gave her back two identical small towels. She couldn’t have done it better herself using scissors. Easy peasy.