Butterfly attack

yellow butterfly posing on lavanda

Written by: Bina

It was a boring rainy day in Strunjan. We were wasting our time on the terrace, waiting for the sun to break through the clouds.

Then suddenly we got company. Out of nowhere, came a small, yellow butterfly. I’ve never met a butterfly before. It landed close to me on the terrace. I had no idea if I should be scared of it or not so I carefully approached it and played with it for a few minutes. I was still cautious and a bit afraid, especially when it flattered its wings. I was circling around it, inspecting it from different angles. I try to smell it. A few times I gently poked it with my nose to see what would happen, if it would fly away. But it didn’t.

My mum observed me and smiled at my cautiousness. She picked up her smartphone and started filming me getting acquainted with a yellow butterfly. And a butterfly seemed to like me, it didn’t want to leave. I wanted it to play with me.

I kept playing with the yellow butterfly for a minute of two. Then I made a mistake. I wanted to poke the butterfly with my paw, but instead I trampled this fragile creature with my huge paw. My mum gasped for breath and stopped filming. She immediately removed my paw from the butterfly. Surprisingly, the butterfly survived my punch. My mum poked it gently and it flew away. I promise.

You can watch the video of a Butterfly attack: