About Me

My name is Polona. I live in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia – the “chicken-shaped” little country surrounded by Austria, Italy, Croatia and Hungary. A small country where you can climb a mountain in the morning and swim in the sea in the afternoon. A country that you can drive across in a little more than 3 hours, actually, only if you’re lucky enough not to run into a traffic jam.

I’ve always loved animals. Ever since I can remember my wish’s been to have a dog. And now, living on my own, was a time to realize that dream. Since I needed a backup for now and then, someone to dogysit, I asked my parents if they would agree to own a quarter of a dog. They laughed and asked what does that mean – to own a quarter of a dog? After giving an idea some thought, they luckily agreed to a well-behaved quarter of a dog to dogysit occasionally. So I started to read tons of literature about raising a dog and started to search for a Labrador litter.

Bina fox red labrador with her human Polona Puhar
Bina fox red labrador traveling with her human Polona Puhar
Bina fox red labrador posing by the sea with her human Polona Puhar
Dog and human best friend yellow labrador retriever
Why Labrador? To me, Labs are ideal dogs. They’re just awesome. Their gentle character, their love of life, work and play, their energy, their clownish behaviour… they’re just perfect. And they are perfect for a first dog because they are easy to teach.  So, Labrador it was. A small, fox red furry ball, that I named Bina, has joined my pack in 2012 and our journey has begun. Together, we sailed into the canine world. Together, we learned about communicating with each other, about developing trust and friendship. We learned about positive training and mastering new tricks as a fun way to play. Together we’ve met a lot of people and made many new furry friends. We’ve walked countless kilometres, got wet and muddy often, lost a number of tennis balls and experienced a good deal of unforgettable adventures. 
Bina yellow labrador retriever posing for picture with her human Polona Puhar

My day starts and finishes with a dog walk. I’m not a morning person, so having Bina, a dog that sleeps as long as I do, is a blessing. I used to hate dog hair in a bed, but it’s now become my everyday reality.

I like photography because it allows me to freeze the moments and memories I don’t want to forget. Of course, Bina is my main and most important model. 

I love to travel, always searching for new places and new adventures. It offers me an escape from routine, a break from reality. So, whenever there’s time on weekends and holidays, I escape somewhere.

But, enough about me… Now it’s time to meet the dog that inspired me to create this site…