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Danube cycling Regensburg to Passau with dog trailer, Germany

Now my pawrents decided it’s a good idea to go cycling with me in a dog trailer for a week.  We followed the Danube river against the current from Passau to Regensburg. Luckily, I could stay in the motorhome a few stages because I didn’t quite like it. The dog trailer doesn’t have suspension and I was jumping up and down in it. 

Soča Valley Adventures

The cold, emerald green River Soča offers an escape into the picturesque world of adventures. Beautiful colours of the river, gorges and waterfalls… One week was definitely not enough to see it all.

Butterfly attack in Strunjan

Playing with the yellow butterfly on a rainy day. Don’t worry, the butterfly survived 🙂

Splish splash, I learn to jump into the water in Gradaščica river

Enjoying the splishing and splashing in Gradaščica river on a hot summer day. And finally, I learn to jump into the water.

Munich Christmas markets, Germany

A weekend trip to Munich Christmas markets. Lots of walking, colourful Christmas ornaments, busy and overcrowded Christmas Markets, twinkle lights, Mulled wine… Remarkably Enjoyable holiday atmosphere…

Scenic lakes of Salzkammergut, Austria

Scenic lakes of Hallstatt, Wolfgangsee, Traunsee, Attersee, Mondsee, Fuschlsee… an ideal retreat during the summer months for a water maniac like me. Lakes are swimmable and an excellent refreshment during the hot days. And visiting Schafbergspitze at 1783 meters above the city of St. Wolfgang is a must. The view from up there is sensational. The best view that I’ve ever seen.

Idrija, Slovenia

Weekend trip to Idrija. A small, remote village, listed on the UNESCO World heritage list – Idrija, is well known for second largest mercury mine in Europe and Idrija lace. Let’s do some sightseeing, walking and swimming…

Kope, Slovenia

Kope ski resort is located in Pohorje mountains, right above Slovenj Gradec. During the winter it’s perfect for skiing adventure, but in the summer for walking and swimming in water reservoir. 

Lake Garda, Italy - our first motorhome excursion

Lake Garda, Italy, was the destination of our first motorhome trip. I was very unhappy travelling in a box at the back of the van, but swimming in the refreshing Lake Garda compensated the torment of the travelling. With a few minor beginner’s problems we encircled the lake and made a short detour to Lake Ledro as well.

Hiking to Velika Planina covered with saffron flowers, Slovenia

Hiking to Velika Planina covered with saffron Every year in the beginning of April the pastures of Velika planina wrap into a violet colour when countless saffron crocuses blossom. It’s absolutely fabulous and a must see. It’s a heaven for photographers.

Hiking to St. Jost at Kranj, Slovenia

St. Jošt above Kranj, Slovenia, is a popular hiking destination. It takes you about an hour to overcome 450 meters of hight difference until you reach the baroque pilgrimage church and the restaurant at the top. They have a very good apple pie in the restaurant on top.

Martuljek waterfalls, Slovenia

Today we went on a 3 hour hike to see the two Martuljek waterfalls. Martuljek waterfalls lie in the valley under the Špik mountain (2472 m). The trail to the Lower Martuljek waterfall is fairly easy, but afterwards we come across two steep climbs until we reach the Upper waterfall.

Winter sledding and snow adventures in Medno, Slovenia

Finally, a few centimeters of snow. Me and my mum are having fun in the snow, Medno.

Hiking to Soriška Planina, Lajnar, Slatnik, Možic

One day hiking to Soriška Planina, Lajnar, Slatnik, Možic. We embarked on easy hiking route to nearby peaks with fantastic views, Lajnar (1,549m), Slatnik (1609 m) and Možic (1,603m).

Bina and Christmas present

Unwrapping my Christmas present.

Bina and Sky swimming in Gradaščica river

Playing with my best friend Sky the Swissy. We went swimming in Gradascica river, Ljubljana. See the difference; me, running trhrough the water like crazy and Sky, more or less peacefully walking around, probably thinking I’m crazy. 

Zgornje Jezersko, Lake Planšarsko jezero, Slovenia

The summer in Ljubljana will not go away. In the last 14 days the temperature during the day will not fall under 30°C. Today isn’t any different. We need to go somewhere, where the temperature is a few degrees lower. Somewhere, where there is water, where I can cool down a little. So, we went to Jezersko, small, hart shaped lake, just 50 km from Ljubljana.

Winter bathing in Dolz, Novo mesto

It’s the January 1st and after some rainy days there’s water in Klamfer stream, otherwise mostly dry. It’s time to open the bathing season of 2018.

Logarska dolina - Logar valley Rinka fall

Today we went on one day trip to Logar valley to see the 90-metre Rinka fall and Ljubno ski jumps. But a trip is no trip without a wet refreshments in Savinja river. Wandering if it’s cold? Yes, it’s very cold. 

Road trip to Lago di Dobbiaco and Landero, Galitzenklamm, Grossglockner high Alpine road

A three days road trip to Lago di Dobbiaco, Lago di Landero, Galitzenklamm, Grossglockner high Alpine road. Italy and Austria.

Golte hiking trip, Slovenia

Summer trip to Golte and my first ride with a cable car. Another escape from the summer heat into the mountains. 

Rogla and Lovrenc lakes hiking

The Lovrenc Lakes are the biggest high moor in Slovenia. A pleasant hiking trail leads us through the forest to 20 small lakes and it’s 10 degrees cooler that in the valley.

Bina the yellow labrador retriever - a little destroyer

One of those days whan I was in my destroying element.

Bina fighting with different vacuum cleaners

I hate those strange creatures feeding on my fur. I will protest and fight them! 

Bina learns a new trick

Learning a new trick with a children toy in just a few minutes.

Bina playing with the balloon

Outside the cold north wind is blowing so we are fighting off the boredome inside the house with the balloon.

Dog picnic after dog school

Dog picnic after we finished dog school.

Dogs After Party - three Labradors having fun

Do Labs ever run out of battery? The dogs after party with only three Labradors left.

Bina visiting Ljubljana zoo

Visiting Ljubljana ZOO and meeting many different animal.

Splashing in Cerknica lake

Splashing in the shallow water of lake Cerknica, one of the largest intermittent lakes in Europe. It’s an easy way to tire a dog 🙂

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