About Bina

Woof. My name is Bina. I am a fox red Labrador retriever. I inherited my beautiful fox red colour from my mum and grandma. I joined my mum’s pack in 2012, when I was 2 months old.

When I was little, I had tons of energy. When I was home alone, I was in a very destructive mood almost every day. I tore apart many toys, left a permanent decoration on chairs and walls and made snow out of potty pads every day. But I was so cute and I made that innocent look and my “what did I do wrong” face and everything was forgiven. I was really good at this. Sometimes I even chased my tail. Weird, I know. I’m past that now. Now I like to just lay around all day, mostly on my mums bed. What an opposite, I became a lazy couch potato.

But wait, that’s only when there’s nothing better to do. Otherwise I’m always up for an adventure. Anytime, anyplace. I enjoy long walks, love to travel and explore new places and smells. But above all I love to swim. I’m a water maniac or let’s just put it this way: I think every water source needs a Labrador. Hot or freezing cold, river, lake or muddy pool, I rush to wade in, splashing, swimming and getting all wet. Sometimes I even mask myself into a black lab in the mud. My mums not very happy, but she kind of got used to it. I’m a lab after all. I mean, what did she expect? I don’t mind the rain, it’s fun and I love the towel drying when we get home. But showering… That I hate. Why do I have to shower? I hide and squeeze into the corner of a bath because the water from the shower really hurts. Yup, that’s when I become the most wretched wet dog in the world.

cute yellow labrador puppy at home
cute small yellow labrador puppy first time introduced to water
cute fox red labrador retriever puppy in blue washbasin

I have a phobia of stairs. I slipped a few times and the stairs suddenly turned into a slide. That was rude and it hurt. Ouch. Now I go down anxiously and really slowly with my mum always in front of me, ready to catch me if it happens again. With my 28 kilos I’m a bit too heavy to carry me down, so unfortunately, I have to face the spooky stairs  and go down by myself. But no matter what, not even for food (did I tell you I’d do anything for food?), I won’t go down the stairs at my mum’s parents again. Once, the light went off when I was in the middle of those stairs and I couldn’t see anything. Terrifying. Thankfully there’s a lift I can drive with. 

There’s something else I won’t do for food. I absolutely hate ear cleaning. I hide myself under the table or behind the drying linen. But no matter where I hide myself my mum always finds me. Then, I try to escape from her arms. I really make it difficult for her. But in the end, somehow, I always end up with clean ears. I must confess, though, my ears are less itchy after cleaning. But still, next time I won’t let her do it again. 

I’ve already mentioned I’d do anything for food. I’m always hungry. My stomach is a bottomless pit. They say that I am missing some kind of gene that tells me when I’m full. I don’t care, I just love to eat. Anything, I’m not picky. I vacuum everything that falls on the floor, even just a microscopic bread crumb. I always supervise cooking. I pretend to be a bio waste bin for all the leftovers. And usually I can taste the food if it’s cooked well.

I always know when it’s time for dinner. I usually start hypnotizing my mum up to an hour early. I rarely succeed, but it’s worth the try. And then, in just a few seconds, my dinner is gone. If you want to hyde a biscuit in your pocket, well, you can’t hide it from me. I know exactly what your hiding. I can smell it from far away. Did I tell you that I’m a very good actress? With my eyes, I can convince anybody that I haven’t eaten for days. Well, almost anybody, my mum knows me just too well, unfortunately.  

I can show you lots of tricks. To name a few; take a bow, beg, be ashamed, cross paws, play dead, roll over, kisses, make a block (mum played volleyball for many years), wave goodbye, put toys away, open a door, close a drawer, circle backward, weave through legs and many more. Most of the tricks I know very well and I can easily perform them anytime. If I chose to. Sometimes, my brains decide to forget the tricks and I need food stimulation to remember them. And when my eyes see or my snout smells a possible treat, my brains suddenly start functioning again and tricks come back to me and I’m ready to show them all.

Everyone laughs at me when I do zoomies. When I was younger I did it a lot, now I only do it now and then. Tail between my legs, butt to the ground and I start running in circles uncontrollably. It’s a bit dangerous when I do it at home with all the furniture in the way and everyone holds their breath until I finish. I don’t know why I do it, but I’m having fun. Weeeeeee

fox red labrador retriever holding a red ball in her mouth while sitting
fox red labrador retriever running with a ball in her mouth
fox red labrador retriever looking up at a comming ball while playing
fox red labrador lying in grass with funny face

I love to be cuddled. Butt scratch is absolutely my favourite. If I come to you and show you my butt it’s a request for a butt scratch. Then, after a butt sckratch, you need to scratch my ears as well. Feels good, too. And don’t forget my belly… And I also love the scratch at the top of my head and under my chin, and everywhere… Life is good. 

I don’t talk much. But when someone rings a doorbell, I must let them know how happy I am to see them. Even though I don’t know who’s behind the door yet. I bark loudly and then I anticipate very impatiently and whiningly to see who’s come to visit me. When I see someone I know, I start shaking with excitement and wagging my tail like crazy. But if I don’t know the person, I shout at them some alerting barks and hide behind my mum. How do they dare to invade my property?! Well, OK, if they pet me a little and give me a biscuit, then they are welcome, too. 

I follow my mum around the apartment like a shadow. I even go to the restroom with her.  I mean, if she goes to the toilet with me, then I must return her a favour, right? If she goes to the other room, I have to follow her. What if I miss something important, like a treat for example. No way, I must be near her all the time. 

fox red labrador retriever cute beautifol eyes
Fox red yellow labrador celebrating birthday with dog cake
fox red yellow labrador retriever riding in wheelbarrow
cute fox red yellow labrador retriever standing on stairs

I only shed twice a year, 6 months in the spring and 6 months in the autumn. Too much fur on the ground, my mum says. So, she brought home a strange, round and very loud creature that runs around the apartment in strange patterns, feeding on my fur. And she has another creature on a leash with a long trunk also making loud sounds. Really annoying, both of them. I see no reason for them. The next day, my fur is all over the place again.

When I’m home alone I rest most of the time, preferably on my mum’s bed. It’s so comfy, much more than in my bed. It’s a boring 8 hours, but I patiently wait for her to return from work. Then she takes me for a walk. And we go cooking and playing and doing tricks. I can’t wait for a weekend, when my mum doesn’t have to work. Then we go on a trip, usually somewhere we’ve never been before. I’m very tired because of everything we do over weekends, but I enjoy every second of it. I love my doggy life…