How to teach your dog to be ashamed

yellow labrador performing trick be ashamed

Be ashamed is a super cute trick when your dog covers their nose with their paw. If you want to show different tricks to a friend and your dog doesn’t perform as planned, you can have a backup trick – be ashamed.

What do you need to teach your dog to “be ashamed” trick:

  • It is helpful if your dog already knows “sit”,
  • plenty of treats to reward,
    a clicker,
  • some scotch tape, a sticky note or something that will stick to your dog’s nose,
  • concentration and a lot of patience.

So, how to teach your dog this trick:

  1. Put duct tape on your dog’s nose. Or something else that will stick to your dog’s hair. Because the dog doesn’t want tape on their nose, they will try to wipe it off with their paw.
  2. As soon as your dog touches their nose with their paw, click and reward.
    Repeat this a few times then introduce a command. My command is “Bina is ashamed”. Use this command every time your dog touches their nose.
  3. When you think your dog knows the command try without the tape. When their paw touches the nose, click and treat. If your dogs don’t know what to do, take one step back and put duct tape on their nose again.
    Practice every day for a short time.

“Bina is ashamed” is one of the most attractive tricks that my father loves to show to his friends and people he meets while taking Bina for walkies or going with her for a coffee. Everybody is impressed with this trick, they all say it’s too cute.