How to teach your dog to shake paws

Dog shaking paws with her human

Shake paws is one of the easiest tricks to teach your dog. Every dog can do it. No excuses. The trick is quite similar to “high five” or “wave”. So, after you teach your dog to shake paws, try “high five” and “wave” as well. 

What do you need to teach your dog to shake paws:

  • teach your dog to sit first, 
  • some yummy treats,
  • a clicker,
  • concentrated dog,
  • a bit of patience.

So, how to learn your dog to shake paws:

  1. First, you need to teach your dog to sit down. If your dog is already a “sit master” you’re ready to teach them shake paws trick.  
  2. Hide a treat in your hand and show it to your dog. When your dog touches your hand holding the treat, catch the paw and hold it. Click and treat. If your dog doesn’t lift their paw, you can help them by gently tapping on their front paw. Repeat it a few times until your dog figures out that pawing at your hand is what you want. 
  3. Once your dog is consistent in touching your hand with their paw, introduce the “shake paws” voice command. Gradually remove the treat from your hand and offer your hand with a palm up position for your dog to give you their paw. When your dog gives their paw into your palm, click and say “shake paws”. Reward the dog. 

Congratulations, your dog now masters the “shake paws” trick. You can practice this trick every day, before you leave the house and when you come home, ask your dog to give you their paw to greet you. Also, try to teach your dog the “high five” and “wave” tricks as well.