How to teach your dog to roll over

Dog showing the roll over trick

Roll over is a cute trick, but some dogs may not feel comfortable doing it. It depends on a dog’s breed and physical appearance. You want your dog to have fun teaching a new trick so if you see your dog doesn’t feel comfortable or hesitates to roll over, don’t force them. Also, don’t practice after your dog has eaten. And don’t practice this trick too much or your dog might feel nauseous.

What do you need to teach your dog to roll over?

  • a bit of space, depends on how big your dog is, 
  • soft ground, a carpet on the floor at home or practice outside in a meadow, 
  • a clicker, 
  • some yummy treats, 
  • a hungry dog with an empty stomach, 
  • a few minutes every day, 
  • a bit of patience and enthusiasm,
  • your dog must master the lie down command. 

How do you start teaching your dog to roll over?

  1. Put your dog into the lie down position.
  2. Kneel in front of your dog with a treat in your hand.
  3. Circle your hand from your dog’s nose towards their ear luring your dog on their side. Click when your dog is lying on their side. (You can skip this step and combine it with the next step)
  4. Once your dog is lying on the side, move your hand with a treat from behind their ear to their backbone. Your dog should follow your hand which will cause him to roll onto his back. Continue moving your hand with a treat so that they roll onto the other side.
  5. After trying this a few times and when your dog is following your hand constantly add a verbal command “roll over”.
  6. When your dog is getting good at this trick try without the treat, only with your hand gesture.
  7. After that try the trick without hand gestures, just with your voice command.

Yeeey. Your dog has learned a new trick. You can show this trick to your family and friends.