Unsewing lessons

Orange cloth slipper

Written by: Bina 

They say all puppies are notorious for chewing shoes and slippers. Why would I be any different? Chewing keeps my mind busy and the time flies by faster when I’m home alone. And I always find something to chew on.

Today my mum forgot to clear away her slippers. It’s the first time that I chewed on any kind of shoes. Until now she has successfully hidden all shoes from me. Well, today she’s made a mistake.

I brought one slipper into the living room and found a perfect place for my chewing operation. I started chewing on a slipper where the opening hole is sewn on the insole. Then I followed the suture around the heel to the other side of the opening hole. I unstitched the insole around the heel. This way I could reach the foam in the sole. I pulled it out and I dissected it into hundreds of little pieces. The funny thing is, I left the rest of the slipper almost intact. if someone filled it with the foam and suture it back, it could be a usable slipper again. I’m truly an artist, aren’t I?