Eating a wooden spoon

The remains of a wooden spoon

Written by: Bina

I get really bored when I’m left home alone. So much more since she removes everything interesting out of my reach. She leaves me some toys to play with, but after a while I get tired of them. I need a new challenge. And I’ve found it. On the kitchen counter. I had to really stretch myself to reach the thing of my interest left on the counter. Now, I have some work to do. And it involves my teeth. 

Long before my mum came home, I’d already finished my chewing work. She found a wooden stick in the middle of the kitchen. It took her a while to realize what the stick is or better say what it was.

Before my remodelling, it was a wooden spoon for cooking. I chewed off the spoon part and I only left the stick. I didn’t leave any residue on the floor, I swallowed everything. My mum gave me a thorough gum inspection, but it seemed fine. No bleeding and no trace of any wooden leftovers stuck in my gums. I was fine. Well, I am a Lab after all, and we really are famous for having a stomach of iron.