Cooking lessons

Kitchen range turned on

Written by: Bina

Time for cooking lessons today. Again, my mum left for work and I have plenty of time to do something foolish, again. Why does she have to leave every day? I looked around the kitchen, but I couldn’t find anything interesting on the floor. I have to look around a bit higher, on a kitchen counter perhaps. Maybe there’s something edible up there. For that I have to climb on my hind legs and then I can reach the edge of the counter.

Somehow, in one of my attempts to climb up, I slipped to the side and with my front paws rotated the commands on the kitchen range which turned on the electric plate. I could feel the heat radiating from the nearest plate.

When my mum came home and opened the kitchen, she saw the red light on the kitchen range that indicates the electric plate is hot. She was wondering how this is possible, if she couldn’t have left it on in the morning? But then she remembered she didn’t cook anything in the morning. She looked at me. Well, obviously it was me, there was nobody else who could’ve done it. I turned the electric plate on. Luckily, nothing was left on the electric plate or I could as well start a fire.

She cleared everything from the floor, she removed rubbish from the kitchen and everything else that she thought maight be interesting to a restless, boring puppy waiting for her to come home from work. She thought she made the kitchen puppy proof. She was wrong. It probably never even crossed her mind that I am capable of turning on the kitchen range.

Well, I taught my mum another lesson, luckily without dire consequences. And from this day on, every time before she left me alone, she turned off the kitchen electric power in the fuse box so it would be impossible for me to have another cooking lesson while home alone.