Lost earrings

Golden earring with two little spheres hanging from the chains

Written by: Bina

I’m playing in the living room with my mum. She is hiding my toy from me. We’re rolling around. We are both on the ground and I’m climbing on her trying to win my toy. I’m giving her kisses and we’re wrestling a bit. It’s fun.

After a while my mum is missing an earring. It was a golden earring with two small spheres hanging from the chains. We stopped playing. She searched everywhere, the whole living room. Finally, she found an earring back. The rest of the earring, the most important part, she didn’t find. She looked at me. She was convinced I ate it.

So, this is what happened. Try not to laugh. For the next few days when we went out on my toilet walk, my mum brought gloves with her. When she picked up my poop and tied up the bag, she put on the glove and started feeling through the bag if she could feel the earring. Unsuccessfully. It was embarrassing, I hope that nobody observed us. Luckily, the next day, my human found the earring when vacuuming the living room, well hidden behind the couch. I’ve no idea how it got there. So, after all, I didn’t eat the earring. I mean, why would I eat an earring?