When your dog decides to take a flying lesson

The castle of Škofja Loka Slovenia

We’re driving somewhere. I thought I knew where we’re going, but we’ve already passed two familiar locations where we usually go swimming. I’m whining in protest, but my mum ignores me and keeps driving. Finally, we’ve stopped. I don’t know where we are but I can smell the water and I find that promising.

We parked by the river Sora in Škofja Loka and we’re going swimming. Well, at least I am. I don’t know why the rest of my family doesn’t join me. The water has 6°C. It’s energizing. I’m swimming, retrieving my stick, running around, splashing… After a few minutes I’m all wet and refreshed, but still not too tired.

Now we’re walking around the city. We ascended to the castle on the hill and we started walking around the castle garden. I was posing between saffron and snowdrops. Then we went to the castle wall. In one place the collapsed wall allowed my mum to look at what was on the other side. I wanted to see it too, so I took a spring up on the wall. But I miscalculated the jump and had too much forward momentum. I couldn’t stop up on the wall so I flew over. About three meters deep. Flying. I couldn’t do anything. My mum couldn’t do anything. She gasped and watched me flying with horror in her eyes. She was holding my leash and she could’ve caught me, but in a blink of a moment, she calculated it’s better to drop the leash or she might as well break my neck. Finally, I landed.

In a thorny bush. Ouch. My right front paw hurt. I limped. Ouch, damn thorns. I was in shock. Where am I? I heard my mum’s worried voice from up above. She was terrified. I looked up. I had no idea what to do. I was confused. Then my mum disappeared, but my dad stayed there looking at me. I limped a few more times, my paw really hurt. Finally, I found a place without thorns to sit down. I waited forever for my mum, who had to run around the walls and break through all the thorns to reach me. She then led me out of this ditch. We sat down for a minute to calm down. I was happy, wagging my tail, but my mum kept looking at me worryingly, waving her head in disbelief. She gave me a new nickname – kamikaze. But I’m feeling fine, I’ve already forgotten all about my flying lessons. Can we now go on with sightseeing?

We walked down the castle hill to the old city center. We crossed the bridge and returned to the parking lot. The plan was a longer walk, but my kamikaze flying changed it. It was enough stress for everyone, especially my mum. And I was already a bit tired from swimming, so it was not a big deal. But it looks like I’m going to keep a new nickname at least for some time.