Yellow labrador standing in front of motorhome van with open sliding doors

Our first motorhome trip

It’s time for our first motorhome trip. Destination – lake Garda. Problem number one: I don’t have a cage to travel in yet, it all happened so quickly. Problem solved. Mum borrowed a plastic transporting cage from a friend. But the only place the cage fitted was at the back of the van under the …

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Fox red labrador Bina laying on table after donating blood

Becoming a blood donor

Did you know that dogs can give blood, too?  A few times mum came across an announcement on Facebook that someone was urgently looking for a dog blood donor. Unfortunately, there’s no pet blood bank in Slovenia; dogs and cats can only rely upon owners willing to help when needed. Mum started searching more about …

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yellow butterfly posing on lavanda

Butterfly attack

Written by: Bina It was a boring rainy day in Strunjan. We were wasting our time on the terrace, waiting for the sun to break through the clouds. Then suddenly we got company. Out of nowhere, came a small, yellow butterfly. I’ve never met a butterfly before. It landed close to me on the terrace. …

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Yellow labrador puppy Bina sleeping in a weird position behind flower pot

Weird sleeping positions

Written by: Bina Sometimes, my adventures can be very tiresome. Although I struggle to stay alert, my head becomes too heavy and my eyelids are slowly shutting down. I can be so worn out from exploring that I can doze off in strange places and the weirdest positions. See the pictures, looks very uncomfortable, right? …

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Orange cloth slipper

Unsewing lessons

Written by: Bina  They say all puppies are notorious for chewing shoes and slippers. Why would I be any different? Chewing keeps my mind busy and the time flies by faster when I’m home alone. And I always find something to chew on. Today my mum forgot to clear away her slippers. It’s the first …

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a picture of a DVD

DVD destroyer

Written by: Bina Home alone again. Only for about an hour, my mum went shopping for food. She left me in the living room with my momentarily favourite toy. Who cares about the toy? Now that she’s not supervising me, I can finally examine the living room accurately. Where shall I start? Well, I must …

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Yellow labrador having quarrel with a toy

A quarrel with a toy

Writen by: Bina I’m almost one year old now. I’m not destroying the furniture anymore. When my mum leaves me home alone for an hour or two, I can wander around the half of our apartment, the kitchen and the living room. Today she left me alone for just about an hour to go shopping. …

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Golden earring with two little spheres hanging from the chains

Lost earrings

Written by: Bina I’m playing in the living room with my mum. She is hiding my toy from me. We’re rolling around. We are both on the ground and I’m climbing on her trying to win my toy. I’m giving her kisses and we’re wrestling a bit. It’s fun. After a while my mum is …

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Kitchen range turned on

Cooking lessons

Written by: Bina Time for cooking lessons today. Again, my mum left for work and I have plenty of time to do something foolish, again. Why does she have to leave every day? I looked around the kitchen, but I couldn’t find anything interesting on the floor. I have to look around a bit higher, …

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Wooden chair bitten by labradors teethe

Chair decorations

Written by: Bina Today I will describe how I decorated my mum’s chairs. It’s not the result of just one day, but many weekdays that my mum left me home alone because she needed to go to work. I really don’t understand why anyone would prefer working to spending time with cute little monster like …

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a pile of wee pads

Snowing in the kitchen

Written by: Bina Every day my mum has to go to work and she leaves me home alone. Since I can’t hold my bladder for 8 long hours she leaves me a pee pad. She glues it to the ground with duct tape. And she optimistically thinks it will stay this way. She’s absolutely no …

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