Snowing in the kitchen

a pile of wee pads

Written by: Bina

Every day my mum has to go to work and she leaves me home alone. Since I can’t hold my bladder for 8 long hours she leaves me a pee pad. She glues it to the ground with duct tape. And she optimistically thinks it will stay this way. She’s absolutely no idea.

So this is what happened today. The thing is I didn’t like the position of the pee pad so I politely asked it to move to the other side of the kitchen. It didn’t cooperate. It didn’t move. I had to move it myself. It was hard work. I pulled, but it fought back. I couldn’t grab it at the edge so I aimed at the middle. Success. I managed to rupture it and I could now easily make progress. Shredding it into pieces was now but irresistible.

It was so very easy to rip it apart once removed from the ground. It started snowing. How exciting. Snow in the summer. How cool is that? The kitchen is all white now, cowered with tiny pieces of the former pee pad. The pad shredding has now become my favourite hobby.

Wait, I have to pee now. I’ll do it in the corner where the pee pad was before. What a piece of luck I moved it out of the way.