Interior designer

yellow labrador Bina lying on the floor looking all cute

Written by: Bina

I’m four months old now. And since my mum has to work every day it’s another boring day ahead of me. What will I do today to amuse myself? 

Well, my permanent teeth are growing. It’s painful. Some of my baby teeth have already fallen out and so far, I ate them all. It’s because of my teething that I enter the most active chewing stage of my life. My toys are helping a bit, but I get bored of them too soon. How about I find something harder to chew? How about a kitchen wall?

So, I clung to the wall and smoothened the edge, creating a very special type of a permanent wall decoration with my teeth. What a relief. I didn’t leave a lot of remnants of drywall on the floor. I ate most of the wall I chewed off. Tasty. My mum definitely has a unique wall decoration now. I think I’m quite good at being an interior designer. Unfortunately, my mum doesn’t agree with me. She thinks I should stop decorating her apartment. Too bad my mum doesn’t have a picture of my creation to show it to you.