I swallowed a peach pit

yellow labrador retriever standing in cold river

Written by: Bina

We were visiting Iška gorge with a friend. I was enjoying myself to the fullest, playing and splashing in the cold river, swimming and bringing the tennis ball to my mum so she can throw it in the water again. So much fun.

After a while, when I was already a little tired, my mum and her friend had a little snack, they ate some peaches. I watched my mum intensely as usual, trying to convince her to give me a piece of what she’s eating. I was getting really close to her. When she finished her peach, she held the pit so that I could lick it a bit. But licking it simply wasn’t enough for me. A little inattention and the pit was already on the way to my stomach.

Peach pits are dangerous to us dogs because they contain amygdalin, whatever that is, which is toxic and can cause kidney failure and death. But, since I didn’t chew the pit, my mum thought the toxic effect should not occur. She was mainly preoccupied with the possibility of my bowel blockage. That’s why we stopped at the vet on our way back home. They suggested inducing vomiting. On no. They squeezed a large syringe of hydrogen peroxide into my stomach and I could do nothing about it. Disgusting. Repugnant. Nauseating. Nasty. Yuk.

Now we have to slowly walk around the yard until I vomit. I was so nauseous. But I didn’t vomit and that’s why I earned another dose of this nasty liquid. Now I did vomit. A lot. A bit of my last breakfast, one spaghetti I ate yesterday and something that looked like a little rock, but it turned out to be a treat I swallowed a week ago and it obviously stayed in my stomach indigested. I already felt better. But since I didn’t eject the pit, I received another dose of that repulsive liquid. Will it ever stop?

Here comes the second vomit wave. Still no pit. And the third wave. And here comes the pit. Finally. I felt really sick and there was nothing left in my stomach to vomit again. I laid down while my mum and the vets’ assistant cleaned the mess I made with a bucket of water.

I could write now that I learned my lesson and be careful of what I’m putting in my mouth and swallowing. But I’m just a greedy lab and trust me, I didn’t learn anything.