How to teach your dog to give you a kiss

yellow labradors snout up close and personal

Kiss me is a cute trick that will win the hearts of the observers. Unless you hate dogs licking. Well, it actually doesn’t have to be a licking kiss, it can only be a nose-touching kiss. That’s the version that I taught Bina.

What do you need to teach your dog to give you a kiss:

  • your knees must be good enough to kneel to get closer to your dog,
  • a jar lid or a similar small object that you can easily move around,
  • some yummy treats,
  • a clicker,
  • a dog that loves you enough to give you kisses,
  • cream cheese or peanut butter for the slobbery version of the kisses,
  • a bit of patience.

How to start to teach your dog to give you kisses:

  1. First, teach your dog to touch a small object with their nose, for example, a jar lid or something similar, light and small so that you can move it around. Use shaping training techniques.
  2. When your dog masters touching an object with their nose, move the object to your chick. When your dog touches the object on your chick, click and treat.
  3. After a few successful touches of the object on your chick add a voice command “kiss me” or something similar.
  4. When you think your dog knows what you want them to do, remove and hide the jar lid. Try the trick without it. Click and treat every time your dog gives you a kiss.

If you’d like to teach your dog the wet version of a kiss, try it this way:

  1. take some cream cheese or peanut butter and place it on your chick,
  2. when your dog licks the goodies on your chick, click,
  3. after a few successful licks, add a command “kiss me” or something similar.
  4. gradually stop using that smelly, extravagant make-up on your chicks and just add a command for your dog to kiss you.

You can train this trick every day when leaving for work. Ask your dog to give you a kiss goodbye. Impress your friends with dog kisses, well, if they don’t object to a slobbery one…