How to teach your dog to crawl

Yellow labrador trying to perform trick crawl

Teach your dog to ”crawl” is a cute trick to show to your friends. It may look like your dog is a secret agent, crawling around on their belly. Perfect.

What do you need to teach your dog to crawl:

  • a few meters of space and soft groundings,
  • some yummy treats,
  • a clicker,
  • hungry dog, willing to become a secret agent, 
  • a bit of patience,
  • it is helpful if your dog already knows “down”,
  • if it doesn’t go as planned, set some obstacles so your dog can’t stand up and really needs to crawl underneath.

How to start learning to crawl:

  1. Start to learn this trick with your dog lying down.
  2. Hold a treat in your hand so that the dog can smell it but cannot reach it.
    Hold the treat in front of your dog’s nose and slowly drag it away from their nose.
  3. Click when your dog crawls after your hand.
  4. Go really slowly. If you move your hand with the treat too fast your dog will probably stand up. Don’t click or give them a treat if they stand up.
  5. Repeat short crawling a few times, then have your dog crawl a little bit more each time.
  6. When your dog masters the trick go a few meters away from your lying dog then have them crawl to you.

If your dog keeps standing up or lifting their butt, you can try crawling under the chairs or some other obstacles where your dog can’t stand up.

Congratulations. Your dog can now apply to become a secret agent. Have fun showing this trick to your friend. Also, teach your dog to “play dead” just in case a secret mission suddenly goes wrong.