How to teach your dog to beg

yellow labrador performing beg trick

To beg is a cute trick in which your dog sits on their back legs with its front legs in the air. Not every dog is comfortable performing this trick, it depends on the constitution shape. If you see your dog struggling with performing this trick, maybe teach them something else.

What do you need to teach your dog to beg?

  • it’s helpful if your dog already knows “sit”,
  • plenty of treats to reward,
  • a clicker,
    hungry dog,
  • a bit of patience, some dogs have difficulty keeping balance in beg position.

How to start:

  1. First, you need to teach your dog to sit down. If your dog is already a “sit master” you’re ready to teach them the begging trick.
  2. Hide a treat in your hand and hold it above your dog’s head. Your dog will stretch and rise its body up to reach the treat. Their hind feet and their buttock must stay on the ground.
  3. Click and reward the begging position. Ignore if your dog is rising up on its hind legs and ignore the jumping. Your dog may lose balance at the beginning, but will soon learn how to beg correctly.

Keep practicing every day. You can make your dog beg for a biscuit or a leftover from your meal. Show this trick to your family and friends, they will surely be impressed.