DVD destroyer

a picture of a DVD

Written by: Bina

Home alone again. Only for about an hour, my mum went shopping for food. She left me in the living room with my momentarily favourite toy. Who cares about the toy? Now that she’s not supervising me, I can finally examine the living room accurately. Where shall I start? Well, I must admit that my mum cleared out of my reach all the interesting things. She knows that I’m very curious and that I like to discover new things.

But, she overlooked something. It was placed on the edge of the office table. It was round and it looked like a cake. She probably thought I couldn’t reach it. Well, the truth is I had to put in some effort to reach it. And then it was all mine.

First, I had to tear off the protective plastic foil the cake was wrapped in. I wasn’t too interested in it, although I’ve torn it in two pieces. I wasn’t too interested in plastic cover either. No idea how, but I obviously spined the cover, separated it from the spindle and finally reaching the essence of the cake. It looked like small pancakes with a hole in the middle. But it sure didn’t smell like pancakes. I guess I have to try and taste it.

Hm… Very hard to bite. And crunchy. And it makes a loud sound when it finally breaks. Doesn’t taste good at all. I don’t think I will eat it. But I can definitely try to break it into as many pieces as I can. I had a lot of work ahead of me. There’s 25 of mini pankakes in the cake. 

I wasn’t finished yet, when my mum came home. I greeted her happily and she started cuddling me. Then, she saw a glimpse of glitter and rainbow colours from the living room. She was astonished when she realised that glittering parts scattered all over the living room were once an unopened “cake” of new DVDs.

Now, let me ask you: have you ever tried to break a CD or a DVD in half? My mum did. At first it is very flexible, you can bend it until it’s U-shaped and then it breaks into small pieces that fly fast and can cause harm. Imagine breaking 25 DVDs?

I can do it. Well, not all 25, I left 3 or 4 DVDs completely intact. A few others that remained in one piece, had deep “vampire” imprints caused by my fangs. I was still wagging my tail, feeling proud of my work. But my mum looked a little worried. She checked my gums for bleeding, but didn’t see any proof of it. And she said she really hoped I didn’t eat any of the DVD parts or I might poo a rainbow. Then she got down on her knees and started picking the glittering parts, admiring the work I’ve done. One by one. It took a lot of time to collect them all. She picked up the bigger parts and vacuumed the smallest. Unfortunately, she forgot to take the picture of this rainbowy sparkling mess.