Mini adventures

the beautiful water and surroundings of an abandoned quarry

Limber Tail Syndrome

There’s an old, flooded, abandoned quarry a few kilometers from where we live. The small lake is a popular place to cool off in the heat of the summer. The access is actually forbidden so let’s keep it a secret. But so many people were having picnics and gatherings there, so we definitely were not …

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Bina yellow labrador swimming in the pool

Flying dogs competition

Written by: Bina Finally, the day of the Flying dogs 2018 competition arrives. Last year the competition did not take place, because the organizers could not find a venue, but this year they combined their powers with the Kennel club Zagorje and revived a long forgotten and abandoned pool complex Medijske toplice in Izlake. For …

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yellow butterfly posing on lavanda

Butterfly attack

Written by: Bina It was a boring rainy day in Strunjan. We were wasting our time on the terrace, waiting for the sun to break through the clouds. Then suddenly we got company. Out of nowhere, came a small, yellow butterfly. I’ve never met a butterfly before. It landed close to me on the terrace. …

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