what is Binaʹs adventures all about?

If you are a dog person, crazy about Labradors or thinking about having a dog, you are in the right place. This blog will provide you with many information about raising a dog, learning new tricks and entertaining canine stories. Along with the contents we will provide pictures and videos of our adventures.

Polona Puhar playing with her yellow labrador retriever with the red toy

Binaʹs adventures team

Bina, the tail-wagger

Woof. My name is Bina.

I’m a fox red, happy-go-lucky Lab. I’m always hungry, food machine, treat bribable and leftovers beggar. When I’m not thinking about food, I dream about swimming or splashing in any kind of water. Yup, I’m a water maniac. I don’t care about my looks and smells, going muddy or rolling into rotten carcasses to perfume myself is my great enjoyment. I'm a retriever but now a giver; I'm keeping the balls you throw away. I have an incredible sense of smell; I can find every poop cake people try to hide in nature. I have two sonar ears that can hear the fridge door opening even in my sleep. I'm very sociable, everyone is my friend. I'm also very clever and hilariously goofy.

Enough for now. This is a brief description of me. If you’re still interested, keep reading here…

Me, Bina’s mum

Hello. I’m Bina’s mum.

My day starts and finishes with a dog walk. A good criminal book can keep me up late into the night. I have countless reminders in my smartphone, otherwise I forget everyting. I love animals. My first pet was a parrot. I trained volleyball for 17 years. I only know my neighbours that have dogs. I love staying up late at night, but can’t get up in the morning. I hate it when I see a toilet paper hanging "under". I love to travel. I collect magnets from the destinations I’v been to.

I know… Just a few random and highly irrelevant facts about me. But it took me forever to compose them. You can read a few more words about who I am here…

Polona Puhar profine picture Binas adventures

About labradors

This sweet-faced dog, sturdy but amiable, high-spirited and a little crazy, easygoing but enthusiastic athlete, loyal and affectionate, highly intelligent and good-natured, is a labrador retriever, one of the most popular breeds on our planet. An excellent companion, perfect as an assistance or a work dog, but hopeless as a watchdog will definitely energize your days.