A quarrel with a toy

Yellow labrador having quarrel with a toy

Writen by: Bina

I’m almost one year old now. I’m not destroying the furniture anymore. When my mum leaves me home alone for an hour or two, I can wander around the half of our apartment, the kitchen and the living room. Today she left me alone for just about an hour to go shopping. She left me a toy made of rope that is tied into a ball to entertain myself.

I played with it for a while, but then I had a quarrel with it. It really started getting on my nerves so I tore it apart into hundreds of pieces. I ran around the living room tearing it apart piece by piece until there was nothing left to tear. Hundreds of pieces were laying around the living room. I successfully demolished yet another toy.

I was so happy to see my mum returned. After all, my quarrel with the toy was stressful. I happily greeted her, wagging my tail and demanding cuddling. She petted me for a minute and then she saw the mess in the living room. I could feel she wasn’t too impressed by my achievement. She didn’t say a word and she started collecting hundreds of pieces of my ex-toy scattered around the living room. And I followed her around, staying as close as I could, pretending to help and trying to give her kisses so that she would not get mad at me. And I tell you, it worked…

Anyway, the lifetime of my toys is undoubtedly very short. I keep reducing their number very effectively. My mum then has to buy me new ones. Every toy is different, supposedly more resistant or indestructible. So, they say. But for now, I
triumphantly keep proving them wrong. I demolished them all. Does anybody have a suggestion of a really indestructible toy that is Labrador teeth resistant? My mum hasn’t found it yet…