Orchid masacre

orchid masacre on the ground

Writen by: Bina

I’m 10 weeks old. It’s been a week now that I’m left home alone for 8 long, boring hours while my mum needs to work. Before she leaves for work, we go for a 30 minutes walk and I do some running after a tennis ball. She’s hoping I will be too exhausted to think of any destructive behaviour. Well, she’s wrong. I only need a short nap to regain my strength.

I have many toys to distract me during my home alone hours, but I quickly lose interest in them. I search the kitchen for alternative entertainment. The first few days I had battles with my potty pads. My mum puts them in the corner for me to pee on them because I’m too young to hold my bladder for 8 hours. I demolish them completely. They are soft and chewy. And when I start tearing them apart, it starts snowing all around the kitchen. Having a winter in the middle of the summer. It’s so much fun…

But today I was in the mood for something different, something new… On the kitchen window there are 5 orchids facing the morning sun and thriving in blossom. Well, they were 5. Now, they’re only 4 left. One of these orchids had a very attractive leaf hanging from the window shelf, perfectly positioned for a jump and pull action. Of course, I accepted the challenge. I jumped a few times and then I finally succeeded in catching the leaf with my teeth. I pulled the orchid to the ground. It fell with a loud crash.

For a few moments I was startled and I retreated a bit and waited to see what would happen. But it was all quiet so I curiously approached the fallen orchid. The flowerpot broke into two pieces and the water leaked out. The water had a weird smell. I grabbed the orchid and tore it apart into little pieces. The orchid fought back and I had to put some effort in tearing it apart completely. While dissecting it I carried the torn orchid parts around the kitchen. And my paws were all wet. I really made a massacre.

At 3:15 pm, precisely on time, my mum came home from work. I greeted her euphorically. She petted me for a while and praised me for not demolishing the potty pads. Then she smelled something and became suspicious. She stepped into the kitchen and looked around the corner. And then she saw it; scattered almost over the whole of the kitchen laid the remains of what once was a beautiful orchid. She looked at me and I gave her one of my completely innocent looks. After all, it wasn’t my fault, I only defended myself against orchid attack. She said nothing. She didn’t look angry, but I must admit she didn’t look impressed with my work either.

She started cleaning the mess. I waited patiently for her to finish. After a few minutes all of the evidence of the orchid massacre was gone. She looked at the remaining orchid and then rearranged them on the window shelf, making sure they were out of reach for me. So I guess no more orchid fights. I’ll have to return to potty pads dissecting.